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  • I have applied for employment at the Gulf Adventure Center by completing an application form. I understand that employees of the Gulf Adventure Center may wish to contact my former employers, teachers, and references as indicated on the application to inquire about my past work record and characteristics as they relate to the position for which I am applying. I hereby allow the Gulf Adventure Center to make reference checks and background checks as pursuant to this application. I understand that the purpose of this inquiry will be to obtain information so that my qualifications will be reviewed, evaluated, and considered. By check "I Agree" in this waiver, I expressly authorize the Gulf Adventure Center to make these inquiries. This information will be kept confidential.
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  • I understand that, if offered a position at the Gulf Adventure Center, I will be permitted to work only upon providing documentation establishing my identity and legal authorization for employment in the United States (examples include a social security card, valid driver’s license, citizenship papers, valid visa, or a work permit.) I attest that the information supplied on this application is true and correct. In signing this, I declare my intention to abide by all personnel policies as set forth by the Gulf Adventure Center